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Chinese New Year

  • Chinese New Year Cookies

    Chinese New Year Cookies- an array of varieties; pineapple tarts, peanut puff (Kok chai), egg rolls, kueh Bangket and many others

  • Chinese New Year Cake

    Chinese New Year Cake or better known as 年糕 which sound like “年高”, denoting the popular saying “步步高升”, meaning to achieve greater heights with each New Year. Ours are  made from cane sugar and glutinous rice flour mixture  which are then steamed in bowls made from banana leaves.

  • Chinese New Year Preserved Meat

    Chinese New Year Preserved Meat range including Marinated Pork Sausages 和特肠,Duck Liver Sausage  鸭膶腊肉,Dongguan Sausages 東莞腊肠 and Cured Pork Belly (蠟肉)

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