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  • Egg Tart

    The egg tart is our top selling pastry. Made with the finest ingredients. The wobbly soft egg custards matched with a flaky crust. The legendary taste of our signature egg tart dates back to almost a century and it’s much celebrated as an iconic pastry of Singapore history. 

  • Chinese Cake w Red Bean Paste

  • Coconut Egg Tart

    The Coconut Egg Tart is a unique egg custard pastry that has hand shredded fresh coconut filling. The flaky crust compliments the fibrous filling 

  • Barbecued Pork Crisp

    BBQ Pork Crisp is made with soft lean meat and the ingredient is well cooked with premium sauce and spices to perfection. Every savoury bite is accompanied with the flaky crust. A mild peppery aftertaste is something our customers look forward to.

  • Chicken Curry Crisp

    Chicken Curry Crisp may look petite compared to it’s competitors. The curry paste is packed with spices made from scratch. Fresh tumeric, lemongrass, galangal, chilli padi and other spices are hand pound to give the much desired taste and aroma. The meat and the potatoes are then cooked in the curry paste in slow heat. The filling with a wedge of hard boiled egg is then wrapped in a dough and baked to perfection   


  • Pork Bun

  • Candied Melon (Wife) Pastry

  • Plain Shortcake (vegetarian)

  • Sesame Shortcake w Red Bean Paste

  • Icing Shortcake with Lotus Paste

  • Golden Shortcake w Lotus Paste

  • Walnut Cookie

  • Red Bean Paste Pastry

  • Lotus Paste Pastry

  • Green Bean Paste Pastry

  • Mini Walnut Cookies

  • Savoury Paste w Century Egg Pastry

  • Lotus Paste Pastry w Salted Egg Yolk

  • Green Bean Paste Pastry w Salted Egg Yolk

  • Gold Coin Cookie

  • Dragon Phoenix Pastry w Lotus Paste 

  • Plain Chinese Cake (vegetarian)

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